Alon Demol

Alon Demol is the Co-founder and CEO of Bravo Investment, and a pioneer of short-term accommodation in the UK Build-to-Rent market.

Alon brings a 20-year track record of identifying, growing, transforming and enhancing the value of real estate in a wide range of situations and locations. Alon has an extensive knowledge of global markets and unique creativity in taxation and corporate structures.

He is one of the originators of the Build-to-Rent suite sector in the UK, which laid the foundations for our brand ‘The Quarters by Bravo’.

Alon is a respected commentator and a well-regarded panel member of committees associated with exploring the implications of macro-economics for Real Estate. He is a leader with proud service record in the Israeli Air Forces (IAF).

After over two decades, we have established Bravo Investment House as a successful business. With our employees’ determination, vision, integrity and dedication, we have formed a track record in translating our ideas and strong beliefs into a long sustainable business model which alongside fulfilling our dreams improves the way a lot of young people live. We look back with pride and look ahead, together with our committed and passionate team for an exciting future.

Focus Areas

• Asset Management

• Real Estate Investment

• Tax Corporate Structure

• Build-to-Rent

• Corporate Development

• Finance


LL.B and a BA in Law and Economics